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Application deadlines:

Proposal Deadline for Seniors Graduating in May:  January 31, 2020

Spring Break Proposals w/ International Travel:  February 20, 2020

Academic Year & Summer Grant Proposals: Extended to March 23, 2020 (midnight)

Expanding Horizons

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) enables students to transcend the conventional boundaries of classroom learning and engage in hands-on research and creative projects. Administered by Notre Dame’s Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, UROP facilitates in-depth, self-directed learning by providing grants to support an array of needs associated with undergraduate projects.

UROP gives students the opportunity to design all aspects of their projects, from identifying a research topic or creative goal to developing a persuasive narrative, reasonable timetable, and appropriate budget. Each student is guided through this process by a faculty member of their choosing with the goal of forming a one-on-one interaction that can elevate the student-teacher relationship to that of colleagues working together on a subject of mutual interest. In all these respects, UROP gives the students in the College extraordinary opportunities to pursue scholarship and creative works that reflect their own interests and aspirations.


Our Programs

Conference Presentation Grants

Conference presentation grants support travel and associated attendance costs for students who are authors on a presentation (paper or poster). Students selected by their departments to attend conferences as delegates are also eligible. Proposals must include: 1) a description of the conference, specifying the particular session or panel at which the student will be presenting; 2) a conference acceptance letter and a copy of the accepted abstract; 3) a copy of the Human Subjects IRB approval (or exemption), if it was necessary for the research being presented; 4.) a budget, justifying costs, and 5.) a letter of recommendation from a regular faculty member in the College of Arts and Letters (teaching-and-research faculty or special professional faculty).  All applicants whose proposals require international travel also must obtain International Travel Approval. Proposals requiring domestic travel must include a completed Domestic Travel Waiver. Conference Grant recipients must submit a copy of the paper or poster they presented to ISLA within 30 days of their presentation’s completion.

If there are multiple authors on a poster or paper, UROP can support up to two students for funding, assuming both are recommended by their faculty advisors.  Poster printing information can be found here.

Funding is available up to $1,500. How to Apply for Funding 

Research and Materials Grants

Research and materials grants support research activities and creative endeavors. Materials covered may include books, payment of participants, software, travel, and associated costs. In order to merit UROP funding, materials requested must primarily benefit the undergraduate requesting the funding rather than the sponsoring faculty member's lab or graduate students. Funds cannot be used for electronic equipment such as computers or tablets.

Funding is available up to $1,750. How to Apply for Funding 

Senior Thesis Grants

Senior thesis grants support research conducted to fulfill the requirements for a thesis. To be eligible for this grant, students must be in their junior or senior year. Seniors must apply by the end of January during their senior year if they intend to graduate in May. Additional tips for the senior thesis. 

Funding is available up to $2,500. How to Apply for Funding 

Summer Comprehensive Grant

The Summer Comprehensive Grant provides monthly stipends so students can focus on their research interests and not have to balance them with a summer job.

Funding is available up to $4,500 for three months of study. Learn More

American Dream Summer Grant

The American Dream Summer Grant supports undergraduate student research or creative projects on topics exploring the American Dream. Undergraduates doing senior thesis research are particularly welcome. Possible research topics might include immigration, social ideals, social mobility, global trends and their impact on American society, or the perception of American people and ideals outside the United States. 

Funding is available up to $4,500 for three months of study. Learn More

The Diana M. Sciola Grant for Undergraduate or Graduate Research in Italy

The Diana M. Sciola Endowment supports projects that study the various ways in which the Catholic tradition has influenced the visual arts, theatre, architecture, fashion, music, cinema, literature, design, culinary arts and photography throughout the ages.

Funding is available up to $2,500. Learn More

The Da Vinci Summer Grant Program

The Da Vinci Summer Grant Program is available to undergraduate students in the Colleges of Arts and Letters and Science who wish to carry out interdisciplinary research or creative projects during the summer.

Funding is available up to $4,500. Learn More

Which Projects Get Funding?

The student scholarship made possible by the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is as far-ranging as the many disciplines in the College of Arts and Letters.

  • Working on sound effects for a major motion picture
  • Studying the financing of Ugandan education
  • Presenting at professional conferences
  • Studying Hellenistic pottery in Athens
  • Writing a play

—These are just some of the pursuits of our recent UROP award winners.

No specific major is required to study a particular topic; rather, UROP exists to nurture the passions of College of Arts and Letters students no matter what their formal fields of study.

Prepare Your Proposal     Submit an Application

A copy of the final project, paper, thesis, or presented material supported by UROP must be submitted to ISLA within 30 days of the project’s completion. Learn more about post-award requirements