Graduate Funding

Empowering Scholarship

The Graduate Research Opportunity Program (GROP) offers funding that enables graduate students to further their research, produce scholarship, and prepare for careers within the academy and beyond. GROP facilitates critical research related to dissertations and other major projects, enhancing graduate students’ development as independent researchers, published authors, artists, and future professionals.

GROP enables students to pursue both national and transnational research projects and creative endeavors. This funding aids in the timely completion of their degree requirements and can give students a competitive edge when applying for prestigious external grants and fellowships. 

Which Projects Receive Funding?

The scholarship made possible by the Graduate Research Opportunity Program (GROP) is as far-ranging as the many disciplines in the College of Arts and Letters. Awards are made to graduate students across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Funding decisions are based on a project’s overall intellectual merit, research design, timeliness vis-a-vis the applicant’s year in their program, feasibility, impact, and goals. Common to all award-winning proposals is a concise, well-written, persuasive argument for funding.

Please consult ISLA's Proposal Writing Guide which outlines eight general principles for crafting strong proposals. 

Humanities Without Walls

Timing: Summer

$4,000 stipend and accommodation in Minneapolis

November 1, 2022

Pre-doctoral Career Diversity Summer Workshops

ISLA Dissertation Fellows Program

Timing: Academic Year

$1,000 stipend

November 18, 2022

Diana M. Sciola Grant

Timing: Academic Year, Summer

Up to $5,000

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until March 19, 2023; Seniors must apply by January 31.

The Diana M. Sciola Endowment for Excellence supports projects that study the various ways in which the Catholic tradition has influenced art throughout the ages

American Dream Grant

Timing: Summer

Max Award: $4,500

April 7, 2023

The American Dream Summer Grant Program, sponsored by the Prochaska Family, supports research or creative projects on topics exploring the American Dream. 

Themed Grant: The Connected World

Timing: Academic Year, Summer

Max Award: $5,000

Rolling beginning August 1, 2022 until funds for this program are exhausted.

This year we seek to facilitate scholarship that fosters deep analysis of the interconnectedness of social, cultural, political, and economic life around the globe.

Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA)

Max Award: $4,000

October 7, 2022 & March 10, 2023

GSRA awards assist graduate students with expenses related to research or creative projects that their departments are unable to meet