Founded by the College of Arts and Letters in 1984, the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts helps advance research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. To accomplish this goal, ISLA provides faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students within the College three main types of support:

  • Internal Funding. We directly fund research projects and creative works, domestic and international travel, fieldwork, summer study opportunities, thesis and dissertation enhancements, and publication production costs. We also provide funding for lecture series, visiting scholars, and academic conferences. 
  • Project Development. We assist faculty members in identifying and targeting specific external grant opportunities, developing appropriate research teams, preparing competitive proposals, coordinating cost-sharing, and interpreting sponsor feedback. We also provide direct grant-writing assistance through critiques of draft proposals; coordinate grant-writing workshops that promote strong writing skills, strategies, and grantsmanship; and assist with various aspects of grant-proposal preparation.
  • Conference Support. We provide professional support for all phases of academic event planning and implementation including budget development, financial processing, materials preparation, facility management, catering, logistical support, and day-of-event management. 

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The Institute is directed by the College of Arts and Letters’ Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Initiatives, a position currently held by Prof. Kate Marshall.