Large Henkels Conference Grants

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Deadline: Biannual deadlines: second Tuesday in October and February – October 10, 2023 and February 13, 2024.

Funding Amount: Funding Amount: Up to $20,000


Grants of up to $20,000 to cover the costs of:

  • an academic conference on campus or in one of the University’s Global Gateways,
  • a series of lectures or performances, or
  • a single, significant visiting lecturer or performer.

Departments, institutes, and interdisciplinary groups can bring scholars to Notre Dame for two or more days of public events including a lecture, colloquium, panel, or performance. Visiting scholars and performers must be among the leaders in their field. While all events may not result in a publication, the Institute expects that proposals will be designed with the goal of having a lasting effect beyond a series of lectures or performances. In addition to the support requested from ISLA, please list all other sources.

All ISLA Large Grants are reviewed by an anonymous panel of Arts and Letters faculty. The review process takes about a month to complete.


ISLA strongly advises that proposals be submitted at least one year in advance of the proposed event. Proposals will be evaluated according to intellectual merit as well as feasibility.  Events that cannot be accommodated within the proposed timeline will not be funded.  Hence, faculty are encouraged to discuss the logistics of their proposed event with Alicia Sachau (for international events) or Amber Kirk (for on-campus events) before submitting an application.


A faculty member who is awarded a Large Henkels grant cannot apply to the program again for a period of 3 years (eligibility for other grant programs is unaffected). 

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