The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program enhances undergraduate education by providing financial support to current University of Notre Dame students who are:  

  • writing a senior thesis
  • carrying out research or creative projects, or
  • presenting research at a conference

Students may design their projects independently or propose a project related to some aspect of a supervising faculty member’s research. A regular faculty member in the College of Arts & Letters must endorse the proposal. The more complex and potentially hazardous the project, the more mentoring support will be expected from the project’s advisor. 

Participation in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program is an intense educational experience that exposes students to the entire process of research, including: writing a proposal, conducting research, analyzing data, completing a final written report, and, in some instances, presenting completed research at a conference. A satisfactory project must be consistent with the standards of good scholarship. It should give evidence of a sophisticated grasp of a problem, as well as an effective approach to that problem. In the social sciences, the project could involve collecting and analyzing new data or information, or reanalyzing, reinterpreting, or applying new techniques or methodologies to already existing data or formulated theories.

As you plan your research, please keep in mind the resources offered by the Center for Social Research, an academic support unit dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of social research at Notre Dame by working with faculty, students, and staff across all disciplines.   

Please Note:  UROP does not support internships, coursework or political activity.

There are two types of UROP grants: Academic Year Grants and Summer Grants.