Scholarly Resources

One of ISLA’s primary goals is to help Notre Dame Arts and Letters faculty secure funding for their scholarly pursuits. We accomplish this in two principal ways: by providing internal grants for faculty research and creative endeavors, and by facilitating the securing and administration of external grants.

Internal Grants

ISLA internal grants support: faculty research and creative activities, travel to international conferences,  visiting speakers and conferences,  and publication subventions. You may also contact ISLA's Director, Thomas Merluzzi ( or ISLA's Faculty Assistant, Pat Base ( Please be advised that only those with regular Arts and Letters faculty appointments (i.e., Teaching and Research, Research, and Professional Specialist) are eligible for internal grants.

External Grants

ISLA provides faculty with complete life cycle support in grant and research administration through pre-award, post-award, and grants business management services in one central location--the ISLA office. For a detailed list of services provided:

  • Pre-Award Services

ISLA assists faculty in applying for external grants and fellowships in various ways: advising faculty regarding the content of grant proposals; assistance in proposal writing; assistance in the preparation of proposal budgets; critiquing draft proposals; uploading proposals into on-line grant submission systems such as and Fastlane; and ushering proposals through the administrative review process. In support of this effort, ISLA maintains a library with samples of successful proposals, maintains computerized grant search databases, and hosts grant proposal workshops during the year. For additional information concerning ISLA's services for securing external grants and fellowships, please contact Ken Garcia ( (humanities and arts) or Lori Loftis ( (social sciences).