Summer Comprehensive Grant

ISLA-Sponsored Undergraduate Research Travel, Summer 2021

ISLA will consider applications for summer projects in which the student will be housed on-campus or in the local community (St. Joseph County). Faculty-led domestic research (e.g. field studies) and creative projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis. International travel will be considered only if it is faculty led and abides by CDC, State Department, and Notre Dame International guidelines and takes into consideration the conditions/regulations at the research site. ISLA expects all students to comply with local health and safety protocols when traveling. Projects, either domestic or international, with multiple destinations are considered higher risk than those with a single destination. All submitted projects that include travel must have a plan for how the applicant will follow CDC, University, and pertinent state and/or municipal COVID guidelines. All approved travel must be recorded in the Notre Dame Travel Registry and all airfare (both domestic and foreign) must be booked through Anthony Travel.  ISLA funds may not be used for any required quarantine periods when undertaking travel-based research projects.  These policies are subject to change. 3/8/21

The Summer Comprehensive Grant supports a broad array of Arts and Letters research and creative projects. Students may independently design their projects, or propose a project related to some aspect of the research of a supervising faculty member. In either case, a regular faculty member (T&R or SPF) must endorse the proposal and supervise the project.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors with majors in the College of Arts and Letters are eligible for Summer Comprehensive Grants. Students with minors in Arts and Letters disciplines may also apply if the faculty member supervising their project is in the College of Arts & Letters. Comprehensive Summer Grants provide support for living expenses, travel (pending University travel updates), or materials for students with majors or minors in the College of Arts and Letters. Funding for the purchase of computers, cameras, and other electronic equipment will not be provided. Rental costs will be considered.

Max Award: $4,500

Deadline: April 9, 2021

Please note:  Proposals involving travel to countries for which a State Department travel warning has been issued will not be considered unless the student is traveling with a University of Notre Dame faculty member. 


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