Faculty Recommenders

All UROP and GROP proposals require a written letter of recommendation by a faculty member. Student projects differ in the degree of supervision they require. Each student applying for a grant needs a separate letter of recommendation, even if they are working together.  All letters of recommendation must be submitted within one week of grant application deadlines and be not more than 2-pages in length. 

All letters must address the following:

  • The learning objectives and intellectual merit of the student’s proposed activity
  • The student's ability to carry out the proposed activity
  • Your familiarity with the student’s academic work (inside and outside the classroom)
  • A confirmation of your willingness to serve as the student's mentor for their research project.

Letters for projects lasting more than a month or projects involving higher risk due to travel or the nature of the activity, please address the following:

  • An informal assessment of the legal, environmental, and/or personal health/safety risks related to the type of work/study the student will be undertaking
  • A recommendation regarding the need for, or potential benefit from, an in-country supervisor and/or a personal risk management plan

UROP does not fund travel to countries for which a U.S. State Department Travel Warning has been issued. Travel to countries under travel alerts will be considered. GROP applicants to travel warning countries will be considered with strong faculty and ND International endorsements. 

If there are multiple authors on a poster or paper, our office can support up to two students for funding, assuming both are recommended by their faculty advisors. Since we cannot evaluate the relative contributions of multiple authors, we ask that the recommender makes a decision concerning who will present at a given conference. 

Once the student has designated a faculty member as a recommender in their Student Grant Network application, that faculty member should receive an automatically generated email with instructions for uploading their letter to the Submittable Application System. Please note that for most UROP and GROP grants, the recommending faculty member must be a member of the College of Arts and Letters. 

Please contact either Therese Blacketor or Karla Cruise for additional information.