How to Apply

All proposals should be submitted through ISLA's online portal Submittable (access below). Please note: students wishing to collaborate on a project must each submit separate, unique proposals.

Deadlines may be found on the specific grant program's webpage. 

Proposal Format and Requirements 

Title Page (1 page)

  • project’s title 
  • applicant’s name
  • non-technical, 100-word abstract 

Project Description (no more than 5 pages)


  • for overviews of the proposal-writing process, see proposal writing guides for undergraduates and graduate students. To find out how your proposal will be evaluated, see proposal evaluation criteria.  
  • include an introduction, a brief overview of previous research, a description of research methods, a schedule for project completion, a description of collaboration (if appropriate), and a statement of research/creative goals. See sample proposal structure

Required Formatting: 

  • double-spaced
  • one-inch margins
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • page numbers at bottom center
  • figures or images (added only if they significantly aid in understanding the project) embedded within the project description with captions
  • footnotes, endnotes, and in-text citations, using a discipline-appropriate citation style
  • include bibliography, references on separate page following research plan (references not included in page limit)


Budget (separate document)

                        Formatting, Content, Restrictions:

  • table format (any size), itemize your expenses (see grant opportunity webpage for eligible costs). Justify the need for each expense. Include links to sites where cost information was obtained when helpful. 
  • $35/day for meals. Graduate students may choose to calculate their living expenses at 1/3 of per diem cost. If an applicant's stay at a given location exceeds 10 days, alternatives should be found to eating out. If this is not possible, please explain why. 
  • no audio-visual or computer equipment, room and board during quarantine periods, professional development activities, or software that is already provided through University site licenses.
  • if an item is denominated in a foreign currency, please provide the USD equivalent, including the exchange rate. 
  • if you are driving your own vehicle, please use University guidelines to calculate your mileage. 
  • books purchased with ISLA funds must be returned to ISLA. 

Additional Requirements 

  • A letter of recommendation from a supervising faculty member in the College of Arts and Letters is required. Once you have submitted your application through Submittable, ISLA's grant-making software, your designated faculty recommender will receive an email with instructions for uploading their letter. 
  • IRB Approval 
    • If your research involves interaction with people (e.g., interviews, surveys, or observing non-public behavior), you must submit an application for Internal Review Board (IRB) approval. Please use Notre Dame Research's online application form for Human Subjects (IRB) Approval.
    • If IRB approval is required, grant funding will not be disbursed until Notre Dame Research approves your IRB application. IRB approval must be specifically given to you, the student. If you are working on a project for which your professor has IRB approval, please ask the professor to have your name added to the IRB protocol. Questions regarding IRB approval may be sent to Notre Dame requires all personnel listed on the IRB protocol to complete the online Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) module. Please refer to the Citi Training Selection Guide for directions. 
  • International travel approval
    • If your project involves international travel, we MUST receive your application materials AT LEAST 6 weeks prior to your planned departure date.
    • You must have international travel approved in advance by a vice president or dean. You may seek this permission by filling out this google form. 
    • Fill out and return the Travel Risk Management Plan form to NDI as soon as possible.
    • The Travel Review Committee will review your trip and NDI will inform you of the decision. If approved, you will be required to submit your Travel Registration (which is a two-step process).
  • Requirements for Undergraduate Applicants Only

  • Projects involving domestic travel require a completed, hand-signed Domestic Travel Waiver Form
  • International travel requires a Parental Consent Form and a Health Questionnaire. To complete the health questionnaire, schedule an appointment for a travel exam with University Health Services (UHS). Your personal physician can also complete the form if he/she has seen you within the past year and return it via email to Do not delay scheduling your travel exam. Find out if you need vaccinations before your departure, and, if you do, make sure that you receive them well enough in advance to be effective.  
  • Please be sure to review NDI's student and parent/guardian checklists. More information is available at NDI's student information and safety information pages. 
  • Requirements for Graduate Student Applicants Only 

  • Your advisor will be asked to complete an online form certifying that they have reviewed your grant proposal and indicating if you need IRB approval for your research.
  • You will be asked to upload a Curriculum Vitae that describes your education, work experience, etc.


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