Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA)

Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA)

Max Award: $4,000
Deadline: September 30, 2020 

GSRA awards assist graduate students with expenses related to research or creative projects that their departments are unable to meet. Qualifying expenses include those associated with conducting research in the applicant’s field of study and/or doctoral dissertation. GSRAs do not fund conference presentations or workshop attendance. Please apply for the Graduate School's Graduate Student Professional Development Award if you seek funds to cover those costs.

All graduate students in the College of Arts and Letters are eligible to receive GSRA funding. Depending upon the numbers of applications received, applicants with greater seniority in their respective doctoral programs may be preferred to applicants in their first year.

Evaluation Criteria. Applications will be evaluated based on intellectual merit and financial need. Priority will be given to a) projects that require funding in order to pivot approaches or methodologies in light of travel and physical distancing restrictions that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic, and/or b) projects where immediate funding would be critical to the completion of the dissertation in a timely manner. 

Eligible Expenses and Restrictions. Funds must be used to support the direct costs of the project. These include, but are not limited to research and creative arts materials (books, studio supplies, etc.); recital musicians; undergraduate research assistants; editorial, transcription, and translation services: remote archive/library assistance (e.g. manuscript digitization); survey and computer programming support; and data set/human subject payments. It is expected that, wherever possible, intra-university services (e.g., Center for Research Computing; Center for Social Science Research, Center for Digital Scholarship) will be used. Funds may not be used for: travel, room and board, professional development activities, and computer equipment. GSRAs cannot be used retroactively; that is, they cannot be used to pay for research expenses which have already been incurred. Applicants are required to notify ISLA of any funding received from another source; in most cases ISLA will adjust or rescind its award.

Budget. Students may request up to $4,000, although it is expected most applications will be funded to a lesser extent.

Application Deadline. September 30, 2020

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