Graduate Student Funding

Empowering Scholarship

The Graduate Research Opportunity Program (GROP) offers funding that enables graduate students to further their research, produce scholarship, and prepare for careers within the academy and beyond. GROP facilitates critical research related to dissertations and other major projects, enhancing graduate students’ development as independent researchers, published authors, artists, and future professionals.

GROP enables students to pursue both national and transnational research projects and creative endeavors. This funding aids in the timely completion of their degree requirements and can give students a competitive edge when applying for prestigious external grants and fellowships. 

Which Projects Receive Funding?

The scholarship made possible by the Graduate Research Opportunity Program (GROP) is as far-ranging as the many disciplines in the College of Arts and Letters. Awards are made to graduate students across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Funding decisions are based on a project’s overall intellectual merit, research design, timeliness vis-a-vis the applicant’s year in their program, feasibility, impact, and goals. Common to all award-winning proposals is a concise, well-written, persuasive argument for funding.

Please consult ISLA's Proposal Writing Guide which outlines eight general principles for crafting strong proposals. 

Judith Biesen Web

“The American Dream grant allowed me to complete research assessing the impact of anxiety and depression on romantic relationship functioning among American couples. Thanks to these grants, I now have an immense amount of data, which will allow me to advance my career through publications, presentations, and developing preliminary data for future studies.”

—Judith Biesen, Ph.D. candidate, Psychology

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“The GROP funding allowed me to carry out a pilot study for my dissertation project on the social behavior of macaque monkeys in Bali, Indonesia. With those preliminary data, I have been able to give conference presentations and even prepare a manuscript to be submitted for publication.”

—Jeffrey Petersen, Ph.D. candidate, Anthropology



Our Grants 

Graduate Student Research Awards 

Graduate Student Research Awards (GSRA) assist graduate students with expenses associated with conducting research or furthering artistic projects. Awards assist graduate students with expenses related to their research that their departments are unable to meet. Qualifying expenses include those associated with conducting research in the applicant’s field of study and/or doctoral dissertation. Projects are expected to start within six months of having received an award. Awards may be rescinded if not initiated within this time period. 

Deadline: October 8, 2021

Maximum award is $4,000 (larger requests will be considered). 

A Time to Heal Grant

A Time to Heal supports research focused on pandemic and post-pandemic issues. The COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 US presidential election, horrific recent acts of violence against BIPOC and other marginalized groups, and the pall of climate change have brought striking physical, emotional, and mental pain to the lives of millions of people. Informed by the University of Notre Dame’s mission to be a powerful force for good, ISLA seeks to facilitate scholarly engagement with the question of what it means to heal, and how healing occurs across individuals, cultures, geographies, and periods of time. 

This competition is open to students enrolled in Ph.D., DMA, and MFA programs as well as all regular faculty members with a primary appointment in the College of Arts and Letters. Eligible expenses include research and creative arts materials needed to directly support the completion of the project, editorial and transcription services, remote archive/library assistance, survey and computer programming support, and human subject payments.

Maximum award is $5,000. 

Diana M. Sciola Grant Program

The Diana Sciola Grant Program funds students whose research or creative interests address the impact of Catholic traditions upon Italian artistic culture. To be considered for funding, the research must take place in Italy.  

Maximum award is $5,000.

The American Dream Grant Program

The American Dream Summer Grant Program promotes summer research by graduate students whose projects focus on some aspect of the American Dream. 

Maximum award is $4,500. 


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