ISLA Fall 2022 GSRA Update

Author: Sevda Arslan

The Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts continues to be instrumental in funding students’ research and creative projects in the College of Arts and Letters. For graduate students, the Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA) is among the most sought after grants each semester. 

This semester the Institute is pleased to fund the following students and projects:

  • Elizabeth Adeyemo (Anthropology): “Investigating the intersections between gender, economy, and socio-political systems of ancient Igbo Ukwu community: Pathways for West African Archaeology”
  • Levi Allen (Political Science): “The Political Influences of Church Selection”
  • Alexander Carmen (Art, Art History & Design): “Memory, Loss, and Decay”
  • Jaylexia Clark (Sociology): “Uber from NY to Accra: Furthering our Understanding of Gender Inequality in the Platform Economy”
  • Joseph Clarkson (Political Science): “Dissertation Research Materials - GSRA”
  • Riley Fichter (Art, Art History & Design): “Brave New Dystopia”
  • Kari Francis (Music): “The Photosonic Mass: A Choral Meditation on Light and Embodied Ritual”
  • Jessica Hocking (Psychology): “Longitudinal Associations between Self-Objectification and College Women’s Academic Achievement: Investigating the Mediating Role of Flow”
  • Geneva Hutchinson (Art, Art History & Design): “RESTORE/RECLAIM”
  • Jongsoo Hwang (Music): “AT ETERNITY’S GATE; Yeondo: Korean Traditional Catholic Funeral Song”
  • William Kakenmaster (Political Science): “Measuring Climate Policy Effectiveness: A Latent Variable Modelling Approach”
  • ​​Marie-Claire Klassen (Theology): ““Holding the Whole Sky”: Women’s Narratives of Faith, Justice, and Liberation in Palestine”
  • Chang Liu (Sociology): “Localized Legitimacy: Grassroots Bureaucrats’ Complicated Interpretation of State’s Image”
  • Kenneth McClure (Psychology): “Calibration of a Multidimensional Computerized Adaptive Test for Risk Factors of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors”
  • Amelia Mendelsohn (Art, Art History & Design): “Painting Scenes of Family Dynamics: A Creative Thesis Project”
  • Caitlin O'Loughlin (Psychology): “Collegiate Health and the Aftermath of Stress Study”
  • Yeonsoo Park (Psychology): “Unitary Cognitive Control and Suicide Risk: An Emphasis on Interpersonal Stress”
  • Arsany Paul (Theology): “Medieval Manuscripts in the Monastery of Dayr al-Suryān, in Wādī al-Naṭrūn, Egypt”
  • Maria Vazquez Fiorani (Anthropology): “A peak into ancient kitchens: a transdisciplinary study of cookers and eaters in the Southern Andes’ earliest farming villages”
  • Elizabeth Williams (Sociology): “Chosen Family among LGBTQ+ People”

The spring GSRA deadline is March 10th, 2023. We look forward to new proposals and encourage students to consider revising their proposals and submitting another application who were denied for fall funding. All graduate students should consult with the Office of Grants and Fellowship to submit strong and competitive proposals.