Sicilia - Theater Performance by Clyde Chabot (in French)


Location: Legends of Notre Dame Club


Join us for a series of performances by French artist Clyde Chabot. Chabot is the author, artistic director and performer for the French theatre company La Communauté inavouable, founded in 1992.

SICILIA covers the history of migrations in the family of Clyde Chabot, who left Sicily at the end of the 19th century for the United States, Tunisia and then France. She performs it around a big table, as if the audience were her family. She shares with them a bit of Pecorino with pepper, the only Sicilian relic that has been passed on through generations. She has performed this show more than 150 times in France and abroad.

This performance will be in FRENCH; for performances in English see the March 25 showtimes.

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