Conference: Trying To Say "God" - Re-Enchanting Catholic Literature

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Location: Notre Dame campus

The Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts presents the conference “Trying to Say ‘God’: Re-enchanting Catholic Literature”

For years the Catholic intelligentsia has debated the causes of a dearth of Catholic literature, lamenting the end of the “golden age” of Catholic writing and the days of O’Connor, Percy, Merton, et. al. "Catholic literary culture today might best be described as a funeral for multiple corpses. This, for living Catholic writers, makes for a rather depressing set of circumstances to enter into," wrote Kaya Oakes in an essay for America Magazine in 2014. We, the founders of the Trying to Say God conference, agree with Oakes that the problem isn’t a lack of serious, talented, and faithful Catholic artists—it’s that we lack a Catholic arts culture. We aren’t the first people to say this, but we want to take a concrete step to change it. 

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