Small Henkels Lecture or Mini-Conference Grants

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Deadline: Proposals are accepted at any time except June 1 to July 31. All proposals for a Small Henkels Grant must be submitted at least one month before the event.

Funding Amount: Funding Amount: Up to $3,000


ISLA can provide partial support (up to $3,000) for academic conferences or lectures held on the Notre Dame campus. Preference is given to projects that have matching funds from other sources (e.g., foundations, departments or institutes). 


Faculty are limited to one Small Henkels Lecture Grant or Mini-Conference Grant award per academic year.

Application Instructions

When submitting an application, please note that ISLA policy limits speaker honoraria to $1,000 per person.  Additionally, faculty are asked to list all other sources of support, the amount requested from those sources, and contact information for those sources (name, email address, phone number). 

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