External Funding Opportunities

ISLA's experienced staff can provide targeted, project-specific searches for grant and fellowship opportunities. The institute also maintains a database of funding opportunities and a library of successful grant and fellowship proposals.

Contact Research Development Program Director Josh Tychonievich in ISLA or Pre-Award Managers Lori Loftis or Amelia Lutz in ND Research for personalized help finding funding in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

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Premium External Fellowships

American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize Fellowship

“For over a century, the American Academy in Rome has awarded the Rome Prize to support innovative and cross-disciplinary work in the arts and humanities. Each year, the prize is awarded to about thirty artists and scholars who represent the highest standard of excellence and who are in the early or middle stages of their careers.”

Fellows specialize in a range of fields, from ancient studies and architecture to literature, medieval studies, and visual arts.

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Application submitted in November. Finalist interviews in February - March. Fellowships announced in April.

Recent ND Awardees:

Denis Robichaud (2018)


American Antiquarian Society Fellowship

“The American Antiquarian Society offers three broad categories of visiting research fellowships, with tenures ranging from one to twelve months.

All of the fellowships are designed to enable academic and independent scholars and advanced graduate students to spend an uninterrupted block of time doing research in the AAS library. Discussing this work with staff and other readers is a hallmark of an AAS fellowship.”

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Application deadlines vary by program from October to January. See website for a list of programs and deadlines.


American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship

“ACLS invites applications from scholars pursuing research on topics grounded in any time period, world region, or humanistic methodology. ACLS aims to select fellows who are broadly representative of the variety of humanistic scholarship across all fields of study. We also believe that diversity enhances scholarship and seek to recognize academic excellence from all sectors of higher education and beyond. In ACLS’s peer review, funding packages, and engagement with fellows, we aspire to enact our values of equity and inclusion.

The ultimate goal of the project should be a major piece of scholarly work by the applicant, which can take the form of a monograph, articles, digital publication(s), critical edition, or other scholarly resources. This program does not fund works of fiction (e.g., novels or films), textbooks, straightforward translation, or pedagogical projects.”

Note: *For 2021-22, the fellowship is open only to untenured scholars.

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Applications and reference letters submitted in late September. 

Recent Notre Dame Winners:

Jay David Miller (2021)

Jon T. Coleman (2020)

Emily Wang (2020)

Yury P. Avvakumov (2019)

Emily Remus (2019)

Katie L. Jarvis (2019)

Sarah McKibben (2018)


American School of Classical Studies at Athens Fellowship

“For 139 years, the American School of Classical Studies at Athens has served American post-graduate education as one of the preeminent overseas research institutions devoted to the advanced study of all aspects of Greek culture from antiquity to the present day. The broad mission of the School has remained constant over its distinguished history: teaching, research, archaeological exploration, publication, and dissemination of research.”

The American School offers various residential fellowships to graduate students and faculty.

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Check website for a list of opportunities and deadlines.


Andrew Carnegie Fellowship

“Each year the Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program recognizes a select group of extraordinary scholars and writers who receive philanthropic support for scholarship in the humanities and social sciences that addresses important and enduring issues confronting our society.”

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Candidates for the fellowship are referred by a Carnegie Corporation-designated nominator. Fellows are chosen from among nominees by a selection committee.

Recent ND Awardees:

David E. Campbell (2017)

Atalia Omer (2017)


Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford Fellowship

“The Center offers a residential fellowship program for scholars working in a diverse range of disciplines that contribute to advancing research and thinking in social science. Fellows represent the core social and behavioral sciences (anthropology, economics, history, political science, psychology, and sociology) but also the humanities, education, linguistics, communications, and the biological, natural, health, and computer sciences.”

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Applications submitted in November. Fellows announced in February.


Folger Shakespeare Library Institute Fellowship

“The Folger’s extraordinary collections are essential to understanding the humanities and their continued resonance and importance in our world. The Fellowships Program brings our rare and historic art, books, costumes, manuscripts, periodicals, prints, and visual resources immediately to life. We put scholars, artists, performers, and practitioners into direct and sustained engagement with the collections, with our many innovative digital resources, and with one another.”

Due to a major renovation project begun in 2020, non-residential fellowships are currently being offered.

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Applications submitted in January.


Fulbright Scholar Award

Fulbright Scholar Awards support US citizens’ research abroad. Scholars may use the award to teach, research, attend seminars, or engage in other professional projects. Awards vary in duration and location. 

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Applications submitted in September.


Getty Foundation Residential Grants and Fellowship

The Getty Foundation offers several grants and fellowships to support scholars, artists, and writers working in the visual arts at the Getty Research Institute or the Getty Villa.

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Deadlines vary by program.


John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship

“Guggenheim Fellowships are intended for individuals who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts. Fellowships are awarded through an annual competition open to citizens and permanent residents of the United States and Canada.”

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Applications submitted in September.

Recent ND Awardees:

Pamela Wojcik (2019)

Stephen M. Fallon (2016)

Donald Crafton (2014)

Scott Monroe (2014)


Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellowship

Humboldt Fellowships support scholars in all disciplines who want to conduct research in Germany. 

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Applications reviewed on multiple dates throughout the year.

Recent ND Awardees:

Vanessa Miseres (2021)

Katharina Kraus (2020)

Claire Taylor Jones (2018)

Tobias Boes (2017)



Huntington Library Fellowship

“The Huntington Library awards over 150 research fellowships annually. Recipients of all fellowships are expected to be in continuous residence at The Huntington and to participate in, and make a contribution to, its intellectual life. The Huntington is a collections-based research institute, which promotes humanities scholarship on the basis of its library holdings and art collections. The Library holds more than eleven million items that span the 11th to 21st centuries.”

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Applications submitted in November. Fellowship year begins in July.


Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies - I Tatti Fellowship

“Fifteen I Tatti Fellowships, each for twelve months, are available annually for post-doctoral research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance broadly understood historically to include the period from the 14th to the 17th century, and geographically to include transnational dialogues between Italy and other cultures (e.g. Latin American, Mediterranean, African, Asian etc.).” The Center also offers a variety of short-term fellowships.

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Applications submitted in October.

Recent ND Awardees:

Denis Robichaud (2020)


Institute for Advanced Study Membership

The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton awards memberships of varying length to scholars and scientists from around the world. Through the work of its schools (Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Historical Studies, and Mathematics), the Institute aims to foster a community of scholars across disciplines.

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Application information varies by program and school.

Recent ND Awardees:

Robert Goulding (2016)


Israel Institute for Advanced Studies Fellowship

The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies welcomes scholars from around the world in any area of research for 5- or 10-month residencies. Fellows must be in residence at the IIAS in Jerusalem.

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Applications submitted in December.


National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship

“NEH Fellowships are competitive awards granted to individual scholars pursuing projects that embody exceptional research, rigorous analysis, and clear writing. Applications must clearly articulate a project’s value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both.

Fellowships provide recipients time to conduct research or to produce books, monographs, peer-reviewed articles, e-books, digital materials, translations with annotations or a critical apparatus, or critical editions resulting from previous research.  Projects may be at any stage of development.”

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Applications submitted in April.

Recent ND Awardees:

Richard Cross (2021)

Samuel Newlands (2021)

Katharina Teresa Kraus (2021)

Vincent Phillip Muñoz (2019)

Rebecca Tinio McKenna Lundberg (2019)

Sarah Elizabeth McKibben (2019)

Susan D. Collins (2018)


National Gallery of Art - Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts Senior Fellowship)

The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts offers residential fellowships for each academic year. Fellowships support research in “the history, theory, and criticism of the visual arts...of any geographical area and of any period.”

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Applications submitted in October.


National Humanities Center Fellowship

“Each year the National Humanities Center welcomes up to forty scholars from across the humanities and all over the world. During their time in residence, Fellows are given the freedom to work on their projects while benefiting from the exceptional services of the Center.”

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Applications submitted in October.

Recent ND Awardees:

Therese Cory (2017)

Kate marshall (2016)

Yasmin Solomonescu (2014)


Newberry Library Fellowship

“The Newberry’s long-standing fellowship program provides outstanding scholars with the time, space, and community required to pursue innovative and ground-breaking scholarship. Fellows have access to the Newberry’s wide-ranging and rare archival materials as well as to a lively, interdisciplinary community of researchers, curators, and librarians.”

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Applications for Long-Term Fellowships submitted in November.

Recent ND Awardees:

Alex Chavez (2020)


Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship

“The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study awards 10-15 residential Faculty Fellowships annually to researchers whose work addresses the Institute’s yearly Research Theme.”

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Applications submitted in September.

Recent ND Awardees

Jason McLachlan (2021)

Katlyn Carter (2020)

Walter Scheirer (2020)

Philip Bess (2019)

Eileen Hunt Botting (2019)

Debra Javeline (2019)

Evan Ragland (2019)


Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship

“Radcliffe Fellows are individuals at different stages of their careers who come to the Institute from across the United States and around the world and represent a broad range of academic, professional, and artistic fields. Fellows work on an individual project—a novel, a film, a map of the Milky Way—while mining and deepening the knowledge, ingenuity, and talent of the Harvard University community. Projects range from the poetic to the cosmic. Past fellows include Jill Lepore, Samantha Power, Zadie Smith, Elizabeth Warren, and the Nobel Laureate Michael Kremer.”

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Applications submitted in September.

Recent ND Awardees:

Julia Thomas (2014)


Russell Sage Foundation Visiting Scholar Program

“The Russell Sage Foundation has established a center where Visiting Scholars can pursue their writing and research. Each year, the Russell Sage Foundation invites a numhber of scholars to its New York headquarters to investigate topics in social and behavioral sciences. The Foundation particularly welcomes groups of scholar who wish to collaborate on a specific project during their residence at Russell Sage. While Visiting Scholars typically work on projects related to the Foundation’s current programs, a number of scholars whose research falls outside the Foundation’s active programs also participate.”

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Applications submitted in June.


Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowship

“Through an international competition, the Center offers 9-month residential fellowships. The Wilson Center invites scholars, practitioners, journalists and public intellectuals to take part in its flagship international Fellowship Program. Fellows conduct research and write in their areas of interest, while interacting with policymakers in Washington and Wilson Center staff and other scholars in residence.  The Center accepts policy-relevant, non-advocacy fellowship proposals that address key challenges confronting the United States and the world.”

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Applications submitted in October.