Publication Grants

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Proposals are accepted at any time except June 1 to July 31.

Book Subventions

ISLA may provide a subvention to support the publication of a scholarly book or artistic sound or video recording upon request by the publisher or producer. Please note that this category is limited to book publications and that there is a limit of one subvention per book; ISLA cannot provide subventions for articles or edited volumes.

To initiate the book subvention process, the faculty member must submit an online application. Once this online proposal is complete, ISLA will provide the publisher with a form that they will be required to fill out and submit directly to ISLA.

It is essential that faculty members obtain a contract with the publisher before ISLA will negotiate with them. Priority for book subventions is given to Assistant and Associate Professors. While subvention needs may vary, the typical range for a book subvention is from $1,000 to $3,000.

ISLA looks forward to receiving a hard copy of the book publication or artistic recording. Please note that ISLA must be credited in the acknowledgments.

Indexing and Copyediting Support

ISLA publication grants can cover indexing or copyediting costs up to $1,200 for a book project. The book must be under contract and an application must be submitted through the ISLA online submission portal. These funds must be used to hire a professional editor/indexer and the faculty member is responsible for supplying budget justification for the indexing or editing services. ISLA will reimburse the indexer/copyeditor directly after receiving an invoice.

A faculty member is eligible for one indexing or copyediting grant per academic year. Please note that there is a limit of one indexing or copyediting grant per book.

Please note that ISLA must be credited in the acknowledgments section of the book.