Internal Review Board (IRB) Requirements

Human Subjects Approval 

If your research involves interaction with people (e.g., interviews, surveys, or observing non-public behavior), you MUST submit an application for Internal Review Board (IRB) approval. To help determine if your project requires IRB approval, please review this flowchart and glossary of terms. The IRB meets once a month and requires at least 10 business days before the meeting to review submitted protocols. You must submit your IRB approval to the UROP office at least 4 weeks before your departure date, if your project involves international travel. 

If you are unsure if your project requires IRB approval, please ask your professor to fill out the Human_Subjects_Determination_form. For those with project improvement/program evaluation projects, this longer form may be more appropriate, determination_long_form

Please use Notre Dame Research's online application form for Human Subjects (IRB) Approval. If IRB approval is required, grant funding will not be disbursed until Notre Dame Research approves your IRB application. IRB approval must be specifically given to YOU the student. We can no longer accept IRB approvals simply made in the name of a supervising professor.  If you are working on a project for which your professor has IRB approval, please ask the professor to have your name added to the IRB protocol.

Questions regarding IRB approval may be sent to