UROP Grant Post-Award Requirements:

Final Report

Following project completion, all grant awardees must submit a final report accompanied by a signed UROP Final Report Cover Page. The report should be 5 - 6 double spaced, single-sided pages in length and should outline the project's objectives, explain the project's results, discuss ways in which the project could be further developed, and incorporate any related pictures that you may have.  Starting January 1, 2016, projects in the social sciences should use the Empirical/Quantitative Project Format.  

If your UROP grant supported a conference presentation, you may submit a copy of the paper or poster presented in lieu of a final report. Conference Presentation Grants do not require a Final Report Cover Page.

An electronic PDF copy of your final report should be submitted to tblacket@nd.edu.  Please be sure to include a line in your email message that clearly states you are giving ISLA permission to use your photos for UROP marketing purposes. Students receiving Senior Thesis Grants are required to submit a final report at the end of the academic year even if their senior theses are not yet completed.

Please note the following additional requirements:

  • Summer Comprehensive Grant Recipients are also required to write a donor specific thank-you note in addition to providing us with an electronic copy of their final report and senior thesis. Unsealed thank-you notes should be submitted to Therese Blacketor in 245 O'Shaughnessy Hall. Final reports and thank-you notes are due by September 12, 2016.
  • Da Vinci Grant Recipients must submit final reports no later than September 12, 2016.  
  • American Dream Grant Recipients are required to write a thank-you note addressed to grant donors Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Gina Prochaska (or the specific donor listed in your award letter).  Unsealed thank-you notes should be delivered to Therese Blacketor at 245 O'Shaughnessy Hall. Final reports and thank-you notes are due by September 12, 2016.

ISLA Acknowledgment

Any publication, public recital, exhibition, or other public display of the student’s work must include an appropriate acknowledgement of ISLA’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. Although no one format is required, we recommend the following:

This [research, etc.] is made possible in part by support from the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Letters, the University of Notre Dame.