Graduate Student Research Awards (GSRA)

Deadlines:  October 11, 2016 & March 6, 2017

GSRA awards assist graduate students with expenses related to their research that their departments are unable to meet. Qualifying expenses include those associated with conducting research in the applicant’s field of study and/or doctoral dissertation. Depending upon the numbers of applications received, applicants with greater seniority in their respective doctoral programs may be preferred to applicants in their first year. GSRAs cannot be used retroactively; that is, they cannot be

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used to pay for research expenses which have already been incurred. Funding for the purchase of computers, cameras, and other electronic equipment will not be provided.  Applicants are required to notify ISLA of any funding received from another source; in most cases ISLA will adjust or rescind its award.


Maximum award: $4000

GSRA application procedure