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Travel to International Conferences

Grants are available to faculty members, who are invited to deliver a paper or who have a paper or poster accepted for presentation at a professionally organized conference. Faculty members are limited to one award in this category per year. This award does not cover invited lectures or informal gatherings of scholars. No post awards will be given.

Guidelines for preparing proposals for International Travel to Conferences Grants.

To apply, please provide information for each itemized point using the numbers and emphasized information. Please limit points 1-4 to two pages or less.

  1. Information about the conference’s significance
    1. Link to the website for the conference
  2. Synopsis of the presentation (conference abstract is sufficient)
  3. Plans for the publication of the information being presented
  4. Travel budget with an explanation of budget items
    1.  Also, please list all other sources, the amount requested, and contact information for those sources (name, email address, phone number).
  5. Attach or include the following: (not counted in the 2-page limit)
    1. Documentation of the invitation to present or confirmation of an accepted paper/presentation
    2. Documentation of projected airfare, hotel room rates, and conference registration fees
    3. An abbreviated CV (2 page limit)

Guidelines for Travel Budget Proposal:

  • The Institute will cover 100% of the round-trip international airfare up to $750, plus 50% of the remainder (cap at $1,250).
  • The Institute will grant a maximum of $1,000 to cover other expenses (lodging, ground transportation, meals).
  •  For hotel as well as meals and incidentals, please use 50% of the State Department rates - ISLA will grant half of the daily rate.
  • The Institute will also pay participant’s registration fee up to $250.
  • Total expenses (that is, travel plus other expenses) cannot exceed $2,500.00.


Apply anytime (except June 1 to July 31)


Guidelines for Receiving Reimbursement:

  • The Institute requires a copy of travel itinerary showing destinations and travel dates along with evidence of payment as soon as flight arrangements have been completed. 
  • In order to transfer your award funds successfully, the Institute will need your discretionary account number.
  • The Institute requires a copy of your completed TravelND expense report (send copy to Pat Base,,  or a copy may be dropped off at ISLA's office, 101 O'Shaughnessy Hall.)
  • A one-page summary of your activities should be submitted to ISLA's Director, Tom Merluzzi,(, upon your return. /assets/75359/travel_to_international_conferences.pdf%22>travel_to_international_conferences.pdf</a>