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Seng Foundation Program for Market-Based Programs and Catholic Values

The Seng Program supports scholarly projects that utilize market-based principles to promote sound economic growth and movement toward a more just society. May apply for $1,000.00 with a maximum amount of $2,500.00.

You may apply at any time, except between June 1 and July 31.

Proposal consist of:

  • maximum of two (2) pages
  • an abbreviated CV (2 pages)
  • a budget with explanation of budget items

To apply, please submit a proposal via email to or Pat Base (

ISLA encourages faculty to use the Center for Social Research services.

The Center for Social Research is an academic support unit dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of social research at Notre Dame by working with faculty, students, and staff across all disciplines.  Whether you are designing new research or developing an existing project, consider consulting with the CSR’s expert staff who specialize in statistical analysis, survey design and implementation, and data acquisition and management.  For more information, visit the CSR website at or contact Managing Director, Kate E. Mueller, at (574) 631-6166 or