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Large Grants for Research in the Social Sciences


Large Grants ($2,500 to $15,000) for Research in the Social Sciences

Bi-Annual deadline dates second Tuesday  in October and second Tuesday in February
October 11, 2016 and February 14, 2017

Because of the extent and length of many social science research projects, faculty must often seek external funding to help underwrite their research. In order to be competitive for grants, preliminary data collection and analysis are necessary as a basis for formulating and justifying larger research projects.

The Large Grant for Research in the Social Sciences initiative provides funds to cover the costs of conducting these preliminary studies.

  • Grants range from $2,500.00 to $15,000, depending on the scope of the project and the number of personnel involved.

   Large Grants for Research and Creative Works cannot be used to cover:

  • Funds to upgrade Campus Workstation Program (CWP) equipment; (the Office of Research has a yearly competition for equipment purchase and replacement:;
  • Equipment (cameras, recorders, laptops/computers);
  • Travel to domestic conferences.
  • Grants do not cover salary for course buyout or summer salary for project director.
  • Graduate student support is not allowed as an expense.

 ISLA encourages faculty to use the Center for Social Research services.

The Center for Social Research is an academic support unit dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of social research at Notre Dame by working with faculty, students, and staff across all disciplines.  Whether you are designing new research or developing an existing project, consider consulting with the CSR’s expert staff who specialize in statistical analysis, survey design and implementation, and data acquisition and management.  For more information, visit the CSR website at or contact Managing Director, Kate E. Mueller, at (574) 631-6166 or

These projects should have some quantitative dimension to the methodology or are proposing rigorous qualitative methods. Faculty in the social sciences whose work is more closely aligned with the humanities are encouraged to submit their proposals to the Large Grants for Humanities funding initiative.

Please note: 

Recipients of the Large Grant for Research in the Social Sciences must submit a grant proposal to a major external agency within 18 months of receiving the grant.

Proposal Guidelines:

Please take the Review Criteria listed below into account when constructing the proposal.

  1. Narrative of no more than 4 single-spaced pages describing:
    1.  the significance of the project to the field;
    2. methods;
    3. work plan and timeframe for both the overall project and the portion of the project ISLA would support;
    4. List and provide information about any collaborators you plan to work with on this project;
    5. any other information that will help the review committee assess the proposal.
  2. Full budget and budget justification.
  3. List any previous ISLA internal funding for last 5 years  (when and how much, which project)
  4. List all current and pending research support (including internal and external)
  5. No more than one page describing plans for future external funding.  Please briefly describe:
    1. the prospective funding agencies, foundations, institutes;
    • why these agencies are a good fit for the project;
    • any experience you have had or funding you have received from each agency, foundation, institute;
    • the section or branch of the agency/foundation/institute to be targeted for external funding;
    • any contact you have had with program officers.
    • Please contact ISLA director for information and advice on this description.
  6. An abbreviated CV of no more than 2 pages.
  7. In addition to the support requested from ISLA, please list all other sources, the amount requested from those sources, and contact information fo those sources (name, email address, phone number)

Formatting of Proposals

All proposals must:

  • Adhere strictly to the page limits for the specific ISLA grant initiative;
  • Use nothing less than an 11-point font size;
  • Use a standard font that one would use for grant or fellowship applications (Arial, Times New Roman);
  • Maintain no less than .75 inch margins throughout the proposal;
  • Exclude domestic travel to conferences;
  • Exclude the purchase of equipment (the Office of Research has a yearly competition for equipment purchase and replacement:;

Review Criteria:

  • Intellectual, methodological, and/or creative quality of the work proposed;
  • Significance of the issue to be studied within the applicant's discipline and/or related disciplines;
  • Qualifications and track record (based on rank) of the applicant;
  • Likelihood that the project will be successful;
  • The prospect that the project might lead to external grants in the future.