Guidelines for Faculty Funding FY 2016-2017

The Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA) offers grants to scholars in the College of Arts and Letters for research, curriculum development, artistic creation and performances, scholarly conferences, visiting lecturers, travel to present papers at international conferences, publication subventions, and other academic programs. All regular faculty (i.e., Teaching & Research, Research, and Professional Specialist) in the College of Arts and letters are eligible to apply. These pages provide a brief summary of our offerings for the 2016-2017 academic year.

No internal grant requests are accepted between June 1 and July 31.

CLICK here to submit proposal (Only requests submitted through this website will be considered for funding.)

Please contact the ISLA office at 631-5730 if you have any questions about ISLA's internal grant programs.

 All proposals must:

  1. Adhere strictly to page limits for the specific ISLA grant initiative
  2. Use nothing less than an 11-point font size
  3. Use a standard font that one would use for grant or fellowship applications (Arial, Times New Roman)
  4. Maintain no less than .75 inch margins (all around) throughout the proposal
  5. Exclude domestic travel to conferences
  6. Exclude the purchase of equipment (the Office of Research has a yearly competition for equipment purchase and replacement: http://or.nd.edy/funding-opportunities/nd-internal-funding-programs/)
  7. In addition to the support requested from ISLA, list all other sources, the amount requested from those sources, and contact information for those sources (name, email address,phone number.)