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Application Procedures for Conferences, Symposia, and Lecture Series

Please attend to all of the points listed below using the on-line portal for ISLA grant applications.  Proposals that do not include requested information will be returned to the authors for revision if the request is for a mini-conference or lecture and for revision and resubmission in the next funding cycle if the request is for a Large Henkels award.

     Title, names and contact information for all faculty authoring the proposal; names of (potential) sponsoring units

  1. Presentation of the intellectual issues to be addressed by the proposed conference or lecture series.
  2. Identification of the audience to be targeted (for example, the general undergraduate population; faculty and students in a particular discipline; the wider community, etc.).
  3. Statement of the importance of the proposed series for its potential audience and other University initiatives.
  4. A list of representative scholars likely to participate in the conference or lecture series. You need not have commitments from all these scholars. Please include a brief resume or biography for each person
  5. Description of the schedule of events planned for the conference or each scholar’s visit, including both formal and informal occasions. The dates need not be final in the proposal; however, you must include the general program for the conference or for each scholar’s visit.
  6. Plans to publicize the conference or lecture series.
  7. Specific plans to involve both faculty and students
  8. List of funding awards from ISLA for the past two years
  9. An abbreviated CV of no more than 2 pages for the author(s) of the proposal
  10. A detailed budget including the following
    • A list of honoraria*, travel costs, and the cost of campus activities associated with the conference or scholars' visit
    • A list of the support you are requesting from ISLA and other sources and contact information for those sources (name, email address, phone number)
    • The budget must be prepared with the assistance of ISLA’s Academic Conference staff (Lauri Roberts or Elizabeth Kuhn)


*Please note: ISLA funding for lectures/conferences cannot be spent on honoraria for participants who are employed at Notre Dame.