Managing Awards

When you receive notice of a grant or fellowship award, you should contact either Ken Garcia  (Humanities and Arts) or Lori Loftis (Social Sciences) in ISLA, and either your Notre Dame Research Grants Program Manager, Megan Sheraton or Lori Doll.

Your Grant Program Manager Megan or Lori will review the sponsor agreement, obtain the appropriate institutional signatures when necessary, assist you with completing agency forms and budget revisions, and will return the signed grant agreement to the sponsor. Megan or Lori will also work with Research and Sponsored Programs Accounting (RSPA) to set up an account number for your project. RSPA will oversee the financial aspects of your grant. 

During the life of your grant, you may need to make some changes to the agreement, the budget, or the time period of the grant. Please contact Megan or Lori  for any changes in the grant or grant-related questions. You are able to submit some requests online.

Below are links to forms and information on managing your grant.

Notre Dame Resources

Award Administration Forms

It is also very important that you contact ISLA when you receive an award. Not all agencies contact the University when faculty are awarded grants and fellowships.

Please do not rely on other individuals to tell ISLA about your award. If you are expecting to take a sabbatical leave and using the funds you receive from a fellowship or grant to recover some of your salary, it is very important that ISLA is aware of your award so the proper paperwork can be processed.

Delay in notification of an award can cause a delay in the funds being used to support your sabbatical leave.