External Grants and Fellowships

One of ISLA’s primary goals is to assist scholars in the College of Arts and Letters in securing external grants for research, course development, artistic creativity, and academic conferences.

ISLA provides a one-stop office for pre-award, post-award and grant business management services. 

Pre-Award Services:

For those wishing to apply for a grant, we offer the following services: targeted project-specific searches for grant opportunities; critiques of draft proposals; assistance in drafting letters of inquiry and narratives; proposal and budget development assistance; assistance with securing institutional cost sharing; and routing of grant proposals through the bureaucracy. We maintain a database of funding opportunities and keep a library of successful grant and fellowship proposals for faculty to read. We also sponsor grant and fellowship workshops for faculty. The staff has many years of experience in grant proposal development. Ken Garcia, Associate Director, focuses on grants and fellowships in the arts and humanities. Lori Loftis, Assistant Director, focuses on grants in the social sciences. 

Grants Program Management:

Once a faculty member has been awarded a grant, ISLA partners with Notre Dame Research to provide post-award administrative support.  Lori Doll and Megan Sheraton of the Grants Program Management (GPM) team strive to provide administrative support specifically tailored to address the unique requirements of each Notre Dame researcher. Services provided by the GPM team include:

  • Establish award budgets and accounts for grant expenditures
  • Communicate terms of award and requirements to research team
  • Conduct “launch meetings” with faculty to identify and coordinate project business needs
  • Develop account projections/internal financial reporting for PIs to monitor and plan for grant expenditures
  • Assist with purchasing/payments (buyNDProcardcheck requisitions, etc.)
  • Provide support for unique/complicated travel arrangements and expense reimbursements (travelND).
  • Serve as liaison to central offices for unique, unusual, or odd questions/needs/concerns
  • Create position descriptions, and assist a department with appointment needs
  • Provide support for CORES (Core Ordering and Reporting Enterprise System), the core facility ordering and reporting software application