Dialogue between Theology
and the Academic Disciplines


From 2003 to 2009, the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts sponsored a series of seminars for Notre Dame faculty members addressing a range of themes on how theology and the various academic disciplines might dialogue fruitfully.  The seminars grew out of Notre Dame’s mission to build a “Catholic community of learning animated by scholars who constructively engage the long tradition of Catholic learning and its meaning for the modern world.”  During each academic year, up to 15 faculty members from across the University participated in a series of monthly seminars on topics that varied from year to year.  The goal of the seminars was to present models of how Catholic thought can inform contemporary issues, how it critically draws on current thought, and how it can inform particular academic disciplines. Each seminar included a set of readings, a lecture by a leading scholar, and lengthy discussions among the seminar participants. Leading scholars facilitated the seminars.  Below is a list of past seminar topics:

Summer 2002:     Introduction to Great Books in the Catholic Tradition