Please make an appointment to discuss your event.   Taking the first steps toward a successful event involves taking the following steps as soon as possible.

  • Secure dates
  • Book space
  • Discuss funding options
  • Create budget proposal


Please review the following list of questions before your first appointment.

  • What will your meeting look like?
  • What are the optimal spaces needed?
  • Will your group be meeting entirely in plenary or general sessions?
  • Or, will there be concurrent sessions or break-out groups? How many speakers and participants are international visitors?
  • What is unique about your conference? (e.g., simultaneous translation, technical needs, scientific needs, book exhibits, poster sessions)
  • What calendar pattern do you need?
  • Are there special events within your discipline that need to be avoided? Or linked to?
  • Does your scholarly association have policies in place that will impact your needs?
  • Where and when did this group meet last?
  • What kind of budgetary demands will there be and how is the meeting to be funded?
  • Will it be entirely supported by registration fees?
  • Is there outside funding available?
  • Are there University funds already in place?
  • What kind of assistance will you need in identifying budgetary resources for your meeting?

For more information contact Lauri Roberts (  or Elizabeth Kuhn ( located in 246 O'Shaughnessy Hall.

  • Lauri Roberts,    631-1468
  • Elizabeth Kuhn, 631-7291